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PS4 Mystery Chip (SYSCON) Update...

My bad, I assumed it was an r32c/118 just by seeing the 118 in the die image and left it at that for people to mess with... turns out the 118 on the die has nothing to do with the part number and my assumption was wrong. It is in fact an rl78/g13 (R5F100PL)

Connecting the tool
Tool : E1, Tool Num : 4AS058998C, Interface : 1 wire UART
Emulator's supply power : 3.3V
Emulator's firmware version:
Connecting to the target device
Query the device information.
Device Name : R5F100PL
Devcie Code : 10 00 06
Firmware Version : V3.03
Code Flash 1 (Address : 0x00000000,  Size : 512 K,  Erase Size : 1 K)
Data Flash 1 (Address : 0x000F1000,  Size : 8 K,  Erase Size : 1 K)

Disconnecting the tool
Operation completed.

Confirmed with another chip the die was the same as previous one decapped in 2014, as expected. (SAA-001/SAB-001)

PS3 SYSCON SEM-001 CXR713120

Someone requested some die images of this chip... didn't put much effort into it so just quick and dirty images for those interested.