PS4 Mystery Chip (SCEI 1327KM449 A01-C0L)

So, in case anyone is wondering... I've been doing some PS4 research for fun. I ended up obtaining a spare motherboard so I had some extra components to look at. That gave me the opportunity to do things such as decap the chips and analyze their silicon die's. I decided to specifically look at this mystery chip that people were unsure about what it actually was, the SCEI 1327KM449.

It turns out that Sony actually purchased a Renesas plant and this is a new sony branded version of an original Renesas die, the 118 specifically. Here is the data sheet. I'm still not sure what they're specifically using this chip for... time will tell. Here are some images of the chip dies and block diagram.


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PS4 Mystery Chip (SYSCON) Update...

My bad, I assumed it was an r32c/118 just by seeing the 118 in the die image and left it at that for people to mess with... turns out the 11...